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Korres Complexion Clearing Regimen Kit



This is a great little package that helps you improve your skin's appearance and boost your confidence, also with the very reasonable price tag of around £18.00, it must be worth a try.

It is a collection of acne-fighting skincare products for oily skin with imperfections.


What it does:

The Complexion Clearing Regimen Kit brings together the complete Korres anti-acne line. Use the regimen regularly and you'll notice a clear improvement in the quality of your skin.


Dermatologically tested
Mineral oil free
Silicone free
Propylene glycol free
Ethanolamine free



A cinnamon-derived active agent is the main ingredient of the Korres  Natural Products line for skin care. Cinnamon agent regulates the enzymes involved in sebum production, helps visibly reduce blemishes and promotes the natural functions of oily skin. At the same time, echinacea extract protects from infection and soothes inflamed skin, thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Thyme & Sage Facial Gel Cleanser 20ml

Cinnamon & Echinacea Light Moisturising Gel Cream 20ml

Cinnamon & Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask 20ml

Cinnamon & Thyme Gel 5ml

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