Shopping is not just going to the shop, buy an item, then go home or switch off the computer, if this is your perspective, you obviously do not enjoy shopping. It can also be a social experience, walking around the shops on your own can be a lonely and mundane experience, but going with a friend can change that, you can go over the latest gossip, or discuss what clothing you are about to buy, a second opinion can save you money.

 That is why I have included this Skype page on the site, now when you are shopping, you can include your friends in the experience by chatting via Skype, and it's FREE.

There are no charges for internet to internet calls, so if you are in the UK and you want to go shopping with a friend in the USA, you can, and at no cost. Skype has come  long way from when it was first released, and accessories are abundant, ranging from headsets to mobile handsets, webcams, the list goes on. There are also some pay services available, but these are completely optional, for example you can dial landline and mobile numbers via your internet connection, you can have you own incoming skype number, that people can ring, and many other features.

Skype software is completely FREE, so if you are interested in taking a friend along shopping, see below.


Check out the deals here, click on logo

Sony Ericsson C510 Black_MM300_18m_£15_at_3mobile

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