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Let’s go shopping

Let’s go shopping

Click on the Shopper icon above to go to the shopping center

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Welcome to the MyBruvDesign Shopping Center, the fun way to shop, there's music, food and of course, most important of all, top designer clothes and accessory shops. The shopping center is represented by a simple map of the shops on each floor, just click on the one you wish to have a lookaround.

First decide if you want to shop in peace or listen to a bit of music from our radio page whilst looking around, then continue to the shopping center, where you have an amazing five floors of shops. You will also notice that there is an Ebay kiosk on each floor, where you can try and grab a bargain before committing to buying from one of the shops, there is also a pizza delivery service on the first floor. What could be better than all the main designers of clothes, shoes, trainers, fashion accessories and mobile phones being available from one place, none of this fighting your way through an endless paper trail of advertising to get to the product you require.

   Now you will not have to look through a never ending list of website favorites to remember where you bought that last pair of designer jeans from, just bookmark this page, and refer to the shopping center map, nine times out of ten you will remember which shop you bought them from, just like real shopping, and make sure you return back from time to time, as more shops will be opening soon.


Top Tip:  When clicking on a shop to enter, hold the ctrl key down aswell, this will open the shop in a new window behind the Shopping Center map, then just click on the shop tab, this will reduce any issues of getting back to the map.



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Click on the Shopper icon above to go to the shopping center

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